May 15, 2009

Pfizer Pfreebie

We LOVE Pfizer’s new move making their powerhouse drugs (including Lipitor) FREE to people who have recently lost their jobs.

While the impact to their bottom line will be knocked a bit, it will pale in comparison to the PR effect, and the goodwill. Smart move.

Time for us all to start looking at ‘marketing’ as a way to give everyone unexpected benefits.

As simple as O-Cedar’s cause related marketing program donating money to Breast Cancer Network of Strength. Or Samsung putting free power outlet stations in JFK airport. Or the really clever company that paid to fill potholes in exchange for labeling each one with their logo.

What more could be done?

Who’s gonna donate wireless beyond coffee shops?

Which liquor company might underwrite cab companies for a night?

And which one of those environmentally challenged dry-cleaning companies will be the first to plant a tree for every order — clean clothes, green globe?

Now that marketing is seen more and more broadly, let’s look at some really worthwhile applications. Yes, beyond iPhone applications.