January 10, 2012

Cheese or Font, That is the Question

Here at Bandwidth Marketing, we pride ourselves on our esoteric knowledge of many things.  For instance, discerning the difference between the name of a type face and the name of a cheese.

When we stumbled across a site that let us put our expertise to the test, it was like Christmas all over again.

Cheese or Font is a quick little time-waster that presents you with a series of words and asks you to classify each as a type of cheese or type face/font. Sounds easy, but it gets tricky and addictive.

With every incorrect answer, you feel the frustrating need to prove you are an educated, sophisticated person who can smell a stilton or kern a cambrian!
Cheese or Font is proof that a small, clever idea, simply executed, can be highly effective. The site now has 500 followers on Twitter and almost 1.5 million plays, so try it out for yourself.

Now why do we suddenly have a hankering for crackers and MS Word?